Rating enhancement program

for banks through insurance fronting

Banks support clients with financial products like letters of credit, payment warranties and other instruments for payment certification of commercial contracts.

These contracts, when involving international business or large corporates or significant values often impose by suppliers the use of banks with a minimum rating.

It happens frequently that banks are downgraded in rating and loose subsequently the minimum rating profile needed for being acceptable as emitting entity of these financial products.

The downgraded banks looses the business and the customers are needing to locate and involve a new bank as warranting and supporting entity. Easybond® rating booster offers to either banks or affected clients to use insurance fronting, performed by prime insurance companies enjoying adequate rating, to enhance and leverage the bank’s risk and rating profile, in order to reach again minimum required operational rating level.

The economic values and technical conditions indicated, the description of the covers and the policy details are purely indicative and non-binding. The insurance company and the subscription agency reserve the right to assess and decide on the assumption of risks and the emission of policies.