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Questa settimana, nell’ambito delle numerose iniziative dei vari governi per aiutare le imprese a far fronte alle sfide per la ripresa dell'attività economica dopo Covid-19, Sberbank Insurace Broker LLC e Swissdacs GmbH (la filiale europea del gruppo Swissdacs in Austria) hanno firmato l'accordo di cooperazione all’intermediazione, in base al quale le parti hanno concordato...


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Since its inception Swissdacs Group has applied smart working to its work organization.
In this difficult period of Covid-19 Swissdacs was able to be fully operational in order to support its clients needs and the expections of the new ones.

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Swissdacs GmbH (Schweiz)               

Weissbadstrasse 1

Appenzell 9050, Switzerland

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Bonigstrasse 11,

6973 Höchst, Austria

Tel. +43 660 6865680   

Swissdacs GmbH (U.K.)

4-5 Lovat Lane

EC3R 9DT London, U.K.

+41 78 8505480


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