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Swissdacs & VouchForMe sign cooperation agreement

Aggiornato il: 15 apr 2019

Press Release - VouchForMe, a new blockchain based platform for insurance cost reduction, in partnership with Swissdacs

25th March 2019 - VouchForMe announced a partnership agreement with Swissdacs Group for the introduction of the VouchForMe blockchain based platform in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria.

VouchForMe, a brand operated by SocialProof AG, is a peer-to-peer risk sharing platform harnessing the power of social connections among friends to reduce the costs of insurance services. As one of the most innovative European providers of insurance products and systems for different businesses, Swissdacs is a perfect partner for VouchForMe complementing its business development activities across target markets.

VouchForMe is available as an online tool that helps insurance clients to share the risk by obtaining financial guarantees from their friends. Guarantees act as a high deductible and translate into lower insurance premium.

Guarantees, as designed by VouchForMe, create a positive pressure on the insurance clients to act more responsibly and avoid potential claims that expose their friends to being partially liable to cover the deductible. The platform brings direct benefits to multiple stakeholders:

Insurance clients receive discounts on their premiums.Insurance companies improve their risk assessment which results in a better loss ratio.Societies around VouchForMe users become more responsible and less fraudulent.

For more information about the service, please check https://vouchforme.co .

Swissdacs is a group active in financial engineering.

Swissdacs intervenes by improving the credit profile of its customers and maximizing their liquidity flows. Thanks to its know-how and constant updating Swissdacs designs original solutions that draw from both the insurance and financial worlds.

Swissdacs operates internationally from its offices in Switzerland, Austria, and the UK. Advisor in financial engineering and risk management, Swissdacs is also an insurance intermediary authorized by the Supervisory Bodies of Switzerland and Austria. From the Austrian office, it operates in European Passport Rights Regulation in all the other 27 countries of the European Union and the three EFTA States.

The collaboration with the VouchForMe and its Team is for Swissdacs the beginning of a new expansion in the field of blockchain technology according to the principles of utility, efficiency, effectiveness and economic ethics that have always inspired its action.

For more information about the service, please check https://www.swissdacs.com/, or write to swissdacs@swissdacs.com

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