The "risk" is the basic concept with which every entrepreneur must be confronted, be it a productive entity, a bank or an insurance company, its ability to succeed is proportional to its ability to assume a calculated risk, foreseeing its scope and minimizing the effects: target is to achieve the desired competitive advantages.
Swissdacs supports its customers in the analysis, assessment and management of risks, particularly in the process of organising their commercial and financial structure. A well-considered structuring in the field of risk management in fact allows a solid presence on the market and a consequent credibility that Swissdacs knows how to enhance and transform into greater liquidity for the company.
Through its proprietary software Riskdacs®, Swissdacs also has an additional tool and is able to provide an analysis and assessment of entrepreneurial risk by innovatively enhancing, in addition to financial data, the entrepreneurial contents of any project.

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