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SWISSDACS deals with financial engineering.


It builds LIQUIDITY for businesses.


Thanks to its know-how and constant updating Swissdacs designs original solutions that draw from both the financial and insurance worlds.

It supports the working capital of companies, improves their creditworthiness, it streamlines their supply chain.


Advisor to large European banking groups, Swissdacs analyzes markets for them, assessing related risks and potential.

Swissdacs applies its own insurance competence to decrease the credit risk of the Institutes and intervenes to probe possible solutions to mitigate the risk capital reserve as indicated by the Basel 2 and 3 Agreements and subsequent revisions.







Swissdacs is advisor on behalf of medium and large industrial groups. Multinational entities use this support to address strategic needs in the business, financial, and structural fields.

The advisory action is carried out ...



 VouchForMe announced a partnership agreement with Swissdacs Group for the introduction of the VouchForMe blockchain based platform in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria.

VouchForMe, a brand operated by SocialProof AG, is a peer-to-peer risk sharing platform harnessing the power of social connections among friends to reduce the costs of insurance services. As one of the most innovative European providers of insurance products and systems for different businesses, Swissdacs is a perfect partner for VouchForMe.....

Contact Swissdacs for more information on any of the fields of operation and arguments described, or just get in touch with us for understanding how to optimize your liquidity.


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