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Swissdacs supports companies in optimizing their cash flow management throughout the supply chain, maximizing economic efficiency and minimizing risk.


At the core of a proper application of the concept of Supply Chain Finance and the available tools (from factoring to reverse factoring, advanced reverse factoring, inventory finance, dynamic discount, etc.) are firstly a deep knowledge of all the steps that occur in the supply chain and an understanding of the respective needs of buyers and suppliers in their industry-specific characteristics, depending on their size, geographic distribution, customs, and evolution in the use of payment instruments.

Container Ship

A primary role is played by financing entities, whether they are the same companies that, having liquidity, decide to self-finance their payment flows by asking for a discount from their suppliers in exchange for certain times, or they are entities naturally tasked with financing, such as banks, factoring or other financial entities.


In the case of banks, factoring, or other financial entities, the improvement of their costs obtained through the possible contribution of guarantees or insurance coverage can support the transition from a system accepted for operational needs by buyers and suppliers, to a "win-win" system, in which all parties involved obtain an economic benefit in exchange for a mitigation of risk.


Swissdacs knows how to manage the process in its entirety, providing the most efficient and economically valid solutions.


Currently, in collaboration with a multinational software company, Swissdacs is also working on an innovative digital platform in which all actors can converge and access the best market conditions to support their business.



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