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Swissdacs acts as an advisor to international banking groups, analyzing markets and evaluating their risks and potential. Additionally, its action is focused on studying, optimizing, and managing risk for primary clients and their financing.


Thanks to its expertise, Swissdacs evaluates the risk margin for each individual project and analyzes the components that can be mitigated by insurance.

It evaluates the insurance impact on financing costs and potentially optimizes the Basel III and subsequent releases parameters to mitigate credit risk and required reserve capital. It involves rating transfer in the evaluation to define the best profile for the client's financing project.

Bills and Coins

Banks and financial institutions use Swissdacs' insurance brokerage services to protect against insolvency or non-payment of commercial operations loans to their entrepreneurial clients. Through the system designed and owned by Swissdacs EASYBOND®, the financial world is supported in engineering the insurance instrument.


In the banking sector, insurance can also become a fundamental element of profitability. A well-constructed insurance policy not only affects credit risk mitigation but can also result in a reduction of required reserve capital for each loan granted.


In this regard, Swissdacs is a consultant for one of the largest international insurance companies with an AA rating, specifically for the creation of a credit policy that complies with the Basel Protocols as adopted by the European Regulator, on which many banks have already begun revising to conform to their needs.

Finally, Swissdacs, in collaboration with a multinational group of primary level software companies, is proposing an innovative digital Supply Chain Finance platform where banks and financial entities can participate and acquire new clients among registered companies, granting them loans guaranteed by a major global credit insurance company. In this way, banks and financial entities optimize their business and increase their profitability practically without risk thanks to the integrated insurance in the platform.


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Bills and Coins
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