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In a highly evolutionary framework such as the current one, countless potentialities derive from a cross-sectional view of the market as a whole.

In its vision, Swissdacs proposes a strong interaction between various entrepreneurial, financial, and insurance sectors with the aim of maximizing utility and minimizing risk for all actors in the system.


Insurance thus becomes a primary player in the development of a healthy real economy alongside business finance, promoting environmental education towards risk assessment not only based on quantitative but also qualitative parameters, valuing entrepreneurship and pursuing sustainability as expressed in the ESG parameterization.

London City

With this outlook, Swissdacs works in insurance brokerage with major global companies specializing in credit, bonds and guarantees, country risk, loss surplus, and special risks.


With its knowledge of the banking sector, it collaborates with general management of some insurance companies, also as their reference for risk syndication between the insurance and banking worlds and the creation of specialized policies associated with new digital platforms.


Swissdacs is also a consultant for a primary insurance company in the construction of policies compatible with the parameters of the Basel Protocols and respective regulatory receptions, suitable for mitigating credit risk and reducing mandatory reserve capital allocations.


Are you interested as an insurance company?

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