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EASYBOND® is a financial risk engineering system designed and owned by the Swissdacs Group, which intervenes in credit protection and liquidity support through a wide range of insurance products. These products, managed by the EASYBOND® system are insurance coverages generated from various insurance sectors as trade credit, surety, warranty, political risk, excess of loss.

The risk covered is commercial underlying lending and financing risk of any kind, as sales, purchases, project financing, company take over, any type of three party link between bank, financed entity and a third intervening party acting as debtor or recipient of an invoice.

Target customers of EASYBOND® are corporate companies, banks and financial institutions, funds, leasing and factoring companies.

There are three types of coverage:

  • EASYBOND® Puchasing

  • EASYBOND® Sales

  • EASYBOND® Basic

The services offered by EASYBOND® in the field of risk management, risk analysis, financial engineering and information support in the field of banking regulations, rating monitoring and its interconnection with mitigation of core capital, all these services who till today have been offered individually are gathered and organized in EASYBOND® in one integrated system, for the maximum effectiveness of action in favor of our customers.

In this way EASYBOND® provides in a demonstrated manner a meaningful solution to the problem of liquidity generation, allowing banks greater and better credit and reserves management and to enterprises an increase of their credit profile, adding to their banking creditworthiness their insurance credit worthiness.

In ultimate terms EASYBOND® is an arbitraging system between finance and insurance and their respective regulatory assets, Basel III and Solvency II.

EASYBOND® counsels towards risk the bank in its activity as financing entity of business companies, organizing risk sharing in support of corporate lending, generating in this way additional liquidity to the market on the overall chain of business related activity, supporting cash flow, investment and development and in general a better business management.

As a corporate advisor Swissdacs applies EASYBOND® on the basis of existing financial schemes, building tailor-made solutions, optimizing risk profiles and increasing the ability to deliver or obtain credit.

The application of the EASYBOND® system offers both economic and competitive advantages to all the parties involved: insurance, banking/ financial institutions, corporate businesses.

Advantages for banks/credit institutions are:

  • Re payment risk coverage against insolvency and protection related to non-performing loans;

  • Core capital reduction according to the Basel II and Basel III Protocol provisions by applying insurance protection on credit lending exposure as risk mitigative tool;

  • Re payment of loans with definitive terms and times frames;

  • Additional margin generation on lending activity;

  • Marketing enhancement and better public profiling on the market through EASYBOND®: image performance towards lending friendliness.

Advantages for financed enterprises:

  • Greater security in sales through payment protection;

  • Optimization of cost and conditions of purchase, long term planning, cash purchasing at best conditions;

  • Possibility to structure long term business strategies;

  • More liquidity: freedom of planning;

  • Reduced costs of funding for increased credit worthiness provided by insurance coverage.

Knowledge and constant monitoring of the indications provided by BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, host of the Basel Committee, regulations issued by the ECB, European Central Bank, opinions and consultations by law firms and consulting houses, regulatory transpositions by supranational and national banking supervisions and the ability to use the ratings in the form permitted by law for the best possible risk mitigation, in collaboration with Moody’s, S&P and AM Best, are among the primary strengths of EASYBOND®.

The EASYBOND® activity is supported by two proprietary software packages, designed by the Swissdacs team:

  • the EASYBOND® software, multilingual, as operational system support, which offers to the customer (the Bank), to approved intermediaries and to our insurance partners a protected environment, with a dedicated access interface, for facilitating the transmission of sensitive data related to submissions of one part and the emission of offers on the other part. A management software of easy and open approach with constant ongoing improvements, also in relation to connectivity towards management protocols of insurance or bank/financial institution involved;

  • the RISKDACS ® software, a risk analysis support tool made available to all three parties, the client (Bank) as integration of its protocols, the insurance provider in support of its risk assessment, the business enterprise applying for credit and being the risk object and factor. An algorithmically risk evaluation software based on principles of failure mode and effect analysis adapted to business planning evaluation.

Swissdacs GmbH, all rights reserved. Easybond® and Riskdacs® are registered European trade marks of Swissdacs GmbH.

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