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EASYBOND® is a financial risk engineering system, created and owned by Swissdacs Group, that intervenes in credit protection and supports liquidity flows through a wide range of insurance products.


The coverage managed by the EASYBOND® system is generated from different insurance sectors, such as credit, guarantees, political risk, excess of loss, and special risks. Companies, banks, financial institutions, investment funds, leasing and factoring companies make up the target market for EASYBOND®.

The risk covered is related to payment default in commercial credit financing and any type of financing with an underlying commercial basis, such as sales, purchases, project finance, corporate acquisitions, and any type of financing that may involve the interaction of the financed party with a supplier or end customer or the triangulation of a payment relationship.


Until now, services related to risk management, analysis, financial engineering, liquidity engineering, advisory regarding banking regulations, rating monitoring and their interconnection with risk capital mitigation have all been individually offered by different companies and not correlated with each other.

EASYBOND® offers them in a single integrated approach for maximum effectiveness of financial action in all its components, with simultaneous interaction between the various subjects of the system.


In this way, EASYBOND® provides a concrete and effective solution to the problems that affect the generation of liquidity, allowing banks to better manage credit risk and their own capital reserves and companies an increased chance of obtaining credit at better costs by increasing their creditworthiness through insurance.


In technical terms, EASYBOND® has been designed as a syndication system between finance and insurance within the framework of their respective regulations, Basel III and subsequent releases, and Solvency II, aimed at maximizing the market potential of both sectors and minimizing their risk.


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